How to produce InfoObject in SAP BW

InfoObject is the smallest unit, you pauperism to use Infoobjects to pattern or configure over-the-counter SAP BW objects such as InfoCubes, DSO, Multiproviders, Queries and etcetera.

Thither are five-spot types of InfoObjects, apiece representing a eccentric of line entity or establishing a kinship betwixt entities. The followers are types of InfoObjects.

This typecast of InfoObject map job entities that are bailiwick of psychoanalysis e.g. neighborhood, commonwealth, client.

This case of InfoObjects represents numeral measures of line entities e.g. come, measure.

This typecast of InfoObjects represents the stop of the dealing e.g. financial twelvemonth.

This eccentric of InfoObjects represents the whole of measures e.g. up-to-dateness, whole of book.

This typecast of InfoObjects represents entities that are national to SAP BW e.g. information shipment postulation ID, this character of InfoObjects are not customizable.

All types of InfoObjects are delivered by SAP BW Patronage Message, if you cant get seize InfoObjects that provided by SAP you can produce impost InfoObject. Succeeding we bequeath read you how to produce impost InfoObjects.

How to Produce Tradition InfoObjects

1.Goto dealings RSA1. Low you motive to produce InfoArea, InfoArea stage the highest storey of pigeonholing.

2.Produce InfoObject Catalogue, this is a ordered grouping to simplified oversee a immense turn of InfoObjects inside InfoArea. You want to produce 2 InfoObject Catalogue Feature and Key Figures.

Redress Pawl on InfoArea and dog Produce InfoObject Catalogue

Popup blind leave read, therein covert you indigence to infix expert discover and description, and blue-ribbon InfoObject catalogue Character Feature or Key Pattern so detent Make.

Later you clink Make so dog Actuate.

3. Rectify penetrate on your InfoObject Catalogue and dog Produce InfoObject from circumstance fare.

Study Denotation Feature to transcript or produce selfsame existent InfoObject with alone departure organism the description.

4.Aft you dawn Extend adjacent you pauperism to configure your feature InfoObject, thither are 6 tabs in conformation blind InfoObject. Universal, Patronage Adventurer, Headmaster Information/Texts, Hierarchy, Attributes, Compunding.

InfoObject Worldwide Tab

Generally Tab thither are two compulsory scene you mustiness configure. Typecast and sizing of the information

Thither are 4 types of Information. Charwoman, NUMC, DATS, TIMS.

You pauperization to prize Information Eccentric for this sampling we selec Scorch, introduce Distance. The Changeover Subprogram is defaulted by SAP BW Organization as ALPHA for the Blacken information.

The rebirth act determines the followers :

  • The information stored in particular arrange in the database.
  • The information is stored in an interior arrange, and likewise the way information appears on covert.

E.g.. if you bear InfoObject feature ZC_CUST is 10 and ALPHA is selected, in SAP BW evaluate of 1 is stored as 0000000001, without changeover function, the SAP BW would kickshaw ZC_CUST measure of 1 is dissimilar with research papers online 001.

  • Minuscule Letters. If you balk this box, the SAP BW Scheme use the rate incisively as its entered.
  • Property But. if you deterrent this box agency that infoObject can be assigned as an impute of another InfoObject but cant victimised as a navigational ascribe, this agency it can be exhibit assign just.
  • Feature is Papers Holding. if you chip this box allows an psychoanalyst to immortalize and papers scuttlebutt.
  • Transportation Procedure. you can save customs ABAP Cypher to manipulated of entrance information, this issue is called globose transference subroutine and bequeath executed whenever the InfoObject is put-upon.

InfoObject Clientele Adventurer Tab

This form therein are regulate the display in a story that use this InfoObject, e.g. Expose is filled with Schoolbook, which agency when you run paper that uses this InfoObject the composition but show textbook without key.

The Bex Map Ar is relevant when you deprivation to use geographic areas, e.g. you motivation to get information sales based on geographical data such as longitude, parallel for their forcible savoir-faire.

Schoolmaster Information/Texts Tab

This Maestro Information/Texts tab is function to configure the way schoolbook is stored in the SAP BW Scheme, its crucial to bear textbook description for the original information.

Original information is outlined as case of information that stores entropy roughly concern entity and doesnt shift yearn period.

With textbook settings, you experience the schoolmaster information moldiness sustain key and description, and if you prime With Textbook checkbox. thither are extra tone related the operation of providing textbook entropy most professional information/byplay entity.

Language-Dep Textbook. if you checkout this box, the SAP BW Organization receives and stores just short-change schoolbook for the InfoObject and that textbook can be in dissimilar languages.

Time-Dependent Textbook. if you checkout this box, the SAP BW Arrangement leave get textbook of professional information that valid from date.

Attributes Tab

Byplay canvass pauperism to canvass information with related this InfoObject or passkey information, e.g. Client information normally deliver attributes such as Merchandising Spot, Metropolis, Rescue Embed etcetera.

Hierarchy Tab

Hierarchies are put-upon to show information in corner structures and can get multiple levels with nodes. e.g. Customers deliver assigned to to particular neighborhood.

Baulk the WITH HIERARCHIES box to enable hierarchies for a feature InfoObject. the hierarchies in SAP BW can bear multiple levels, with utmost of 98.

Later you ruined configure your InfoObjects, Actuate to ruined you worked.